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Mosquito and Flying Insect Traps

If you’re looking to deal with mosquitoes, biting midges, and other flying insects in and around your home, these traps and zappers will be a huge sigh of relief to your and your family.

You’ll no longer feel trapped indoors, but will finally be able to enjoy your back porch, house people outdoors, and chill on your own terms.

Traps for Rodents

Rodents are destructive to property and unhealthy to live with. Rats, for example, can spread over 35 diseases, all of which are directly transmitted to humans when they come in contact with the food we eat and objects we use. Unbeknownst, rats poop and pee on everything they come in contact with, especially after eating, so you might come in contact with their excrements without knowing. This is dangerous.

Rats can also chew your expensive, precious items and cables and wires. These traps for rodents can be used if you have a small rat or rodent infestation on hand. For a large infestation, it may be best to call a pest control company.

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