What are Those Bugs that Make Noise In The Summer?

what are those bugs that make noise In the summer

If you’ve been listening to the summer orchestra all evening and staying awake the whole night due to constant buzzing, whirring, and chirping, remember that you aren’t alone. We’ve all encountered such incidents when all we wanted was to enjoy the pleasant summer weather outdoors, only to realize that summer insects aren’t going to let […]

5 Homemade Ant Killer Safe for Pets

Homemade Ant Killer Safe for Pets

Tired of watching those intrusive, disrespectful tiny insects ­stream into your home as if they own the place? It’s a common sighting for ants to take over, especially during spring and summer. They forage for food, shelter, and water during warmer months, and will find their way inside. If indoors, a simple tip to diminish […]