Does Neem Oil Kill Aphids? A Research-Based Approach

Traditionally used as a form of alternative medicine, the neem tree is known for treating multiple conditions, even before written records became available.

In the same breath, a derivative of the neem tree—neem oil—has found its way into many households as a pesticide for several insects and bugs.

The sulfuric-smelling oil is not only effective against cockroaches. Many claims hold that it can be used agriculturally to decimate aphids.

Is there a basis for such a claim?
Are there any studies or research available to substantiate neem oil’s presumed effectiveness against plant lice (another name for aphids)?

Whatever doubts you have about using neem oil in your garden to fight against the formidable aphid, this article will lay them to rest.

Let’s answer the question of ‘does neem oil kill aphids?’

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Biological Control of Aphids

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