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Beetle Bugs and Insect Word Search Puzzle Books for Learning and Recreation

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please review the disclaimer page for more information.

For many, word search puzzles are nothing more than a way to kill time and entertain during moments of boredom. However, after shining a binocular on this type of puzzle, research revealed its educational benefits.

The educational content of a word search puzzle hinges on the creator’s purpose and the puzzles to be solved. Either way, most word search puzzles help people process “information parallelly, rather than linear”; process random information swiftly and think faster.

For more benefits on using word search puzzles, consider reading the entire research article here (after reading this one, of course).

Since we’re on the subject of insect word search puzzles, let’s look at a word search book that provides not only recreation but is educational, as well.

52 Beetle Word Search Puzzles for Teens to Adults

We created the 52 Beetle Word Search Puzzles for Teens to Adultsbookbecause no other book contained this type of content on the Internet, ever!

We checked!

The principal concept behind this insect word search puzzle book is to educate, but it could be used just like any other word search puzzle book—to entertain and pass time.

There are over 350,000 known beetle species spread across the world. This marvelous kingdom of insects is a wonder to explore, and we thought doing an insect word search book was worth the time.

Our beetle word search puzzle book is simple. Below you’ll find all the features we packed into the book.

Features of the “52 Beetle Word Search Puzzles for Teens to Adults” Book

  • 52 Insect Word Search Puzzles Around Beetles.

This isn’t a large book, but it’s compact enough to give you an overview of the smorgasbord of beetles in existence. If you’re someone who loves beetles and probably collects them, there’s something in our insect word search book to learn.

For example, did you know that a beetle was named after Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg? And, if you’re familiar with seeing fireflies floating with blinks of light in the dead of night, you may not have realized they are beetles, too.

All these names, and more, have been added to our beetle insect word search book. It’s highly educational and you can even do your research and document more about them, if you’re a beetle lover, of course.

  • Different Beetle Categories

Our beetle insect word search book is divided into nine categories. Each category provides information on the puzzles within. These sections include:

  1. Common Beetle Names
  2. Common Beetle Species
  3. Green Metallic Beetles
  4. Black Beetles
  5. Large Beetles
  6. Jewel Beetles
  7. Beetles of Florida
  8. Invasive Beetle Species
  9. Red Beetles

Creating this insect word search book with categories helps us to provide tidbits of information without transforming a puzzle book into a textbook. Once you get to each category, it’s then easier to take things further and conduct research to learn more about each beetle.

For example, when you come across “Goliath and Hercules” beetles in the “large beetles” category, this could stir your curiosity to learn more about these insects, including their size and appearance.  

  • Portable Word Search

The52 Beetle Word Search Puzzles for Teens to Adultsbook is small enough to take around. If you surmise you have appointments you’ll need to sit and wait for, this insect word search book is a great friend to ‘wait’ with.

The puzzle book stands at 6 x 9” with 72 pages. It’s not a hassle to take with you when you need a distraction. It’s simple and lightweight.

Are you a lover of beetle? You may be interested in reading this article about green iridescent beetles.

  • Solutions Pages

We did not leave you hanging. If you find it challenging to identify a beetle name in a puzzle, we’ve added a section at the back that reveals its location.

The solutions in the book are clear and easy to find since each solution contains the puzzle number. You don’t need to get frustrated if a word is hard to find. Simply visit the “Solutions” section.

Our insect word search puzzle book is a great way to cultivate an interest in the world of beetles. There’s plenty to learn, but if you’re not looking to be educated, you can still enjoy scouting out beetle names and have fun.

If you’re looking for other insect word search options, consider checking out the options below. These books weren’t created by us, and we can’t verify their accuracy.

  1. Animals & Insects Word Search
  2. Bugs word search: Insects Word Search | Challenging Puzzle book For kids and adults
  3. Bug Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8
  4. Insects Word Search: Themed Activity Puzzle Book

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