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Homemade Natural No See Um Repellent DIYS With Essential Oils

natural no see um repellent
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­­No see ums are brutes.

These inconspicuous biting midges exist in over 4000 species. Conventional repellents have proven successful for some individuals but have left others with a bad taste in the mouth.

If you prefer to use nature-derived elements from plants, the information within this article will be of immense value.

Are you ready to learn all you can about homemade natural no see um repellent DIYS with essential oils?

Keep reading.

Essential Oils for No See Ums

There are countless essential oils to use in your quest against no see ums to avoid being brutally bitten.

While some plant extracts are empirical or scientific data has demonstrated their prowess against biting midges and mosquitoes, some remain largely theoretical and have only been experienced by everyday users.

Principal essential oils for no see ums used in natural DIY repellents include:

A combination of these essential oils can be used to make a homemade natural repellent for no see ums.

If you’ve been bitten by no see ums and in need of relief, consider learning about some essential oils that can be applied directly to affected areas.

Homemade Natural No See Um Repellent DIYS

The homemade natural no see um repellent DIYs shared within this article are oil-based. If you are looking for a non-greasy option, the article will be later updated to include repellents made using alcohol and other solubilizers (This will only be done upon request. If this isn’t requested in the comments, the article will not be updated.)

The repellents to follow are all made using a 2% dilution ratio.

Natural No See Um Repellent #1



In a container or roller bottle, combine your essential oils. You may choose to let it sit for about 24 hours so that everything combines well. Before going into no see um territory, apply liberally to the skin.


Rosehip and jojoba oils, in comparison to others, aren’t cheap. For more economical options, you may opt to use soybean oil or coconut oil.I chose rosehip or jojobaas a preference, as these apply lightly and are non-greasy on the skin.’

Natural No See Um Repellent #2



Combine your essential oils with the appropriate amount of carrier oil. Shake well to combine and apply as you see fit.

Notes: For both homemade natural no see repellent DIYS, if you experience any sign of irritation or aggression of the skin, it may well be a case where you have a sensitivity to one, or more of the oils in the blend.

If, however, the aggression is a slight burning, this could be an indication that a 2% blend isn’t an appropriate dilution for your skin. You may add more carrier oil or reduce the drops of essential oils used.

Homemade Natural No See Um Repellent DIYS, Conclusion

As you travel in areas that are likely prone to biting midges, these homemade natural no see um repellent DIYs will help you. Nothing is foolproof, so ensure to apply your repellent liberally.

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