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What is the Ugliest Bug in The World?

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please review the disclaimer page for more information.

It’s not polite to go around calling people ugly. If you aren’t careful, you might receive a proper beatdown for it (a well-deserved one at that).

While it’s improper to berate and belittle a fellow man, insects are different. They’re fair game.

You can go around looking for the ugliest bug in the world (and even call it by name without feeling less than human).

There is a smorgasbord of ugly insects out there, but some are not so handsome as others.

As someone who researched by watching various videos and gawking at many insect pictures on the Internet, I agreed on a winner.

This choice isn’t perfect and, might I add, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What I constitute as the ugliest bug in the world, might be dubbed as ‘cute’ in your binoculars.

That’s okay. We all see things through different windows.

Ready to see the big reveal and peer into the eyes of the ugliest bug in the world?

A Contest for the “Ugliest Bug in the World” Title

The same way women compete in a pageant, so it seems insects grapple for the ‘ugliest bug in the world’ title.

Yes, it is a thing. There is such a title.

In 2010, the assassin bug was the crowned winner, but it didn’t hold that seat for long. The ugliest bug in the world contest started back in 1997. The contest was formerly held at a local level but then took the Internet by storm in 2008.

How is this contest treated?

From a pool of 10 contenders (yes, ugly insects), people are expected to vote to determine the ugliest bug in the world.

It seems the ugliest bug in the world contest includes more than just a ‘beauty’ aspect. These bugs aren’t solely chosen for how they look but their nature as well.

For a list of previous contenders, I’d suggest perusing this article.

The Ugliest Bug in the World from My Book

Like I said, my concept of the ugliest bug in the world is different. It doesn’t hinge on a contest hosted by scientists.

This is my opinion. (I’m entitled to it, right?)

I’m going to be honest: It wasn’t easy choosing the ugliest bug in the world. I wanted to crown the giant weta for its menacing eyes and rugged exterior, but the Creatonotos gangis jumped out at me like something from a scary movie.

I chose none of these insects. I fell head over heels for the peanut-headed bug, although this is going to be a lopsided relationship.

The peanut-headed bug (Fulgora laternaria) looks like an alligator, dinosaur, and peanut wrapped in one. It has an unusual look that I doubt I’ll get used to with time.

For more information and a visual of what this bug looks like, consult the video below.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I’ve not been unfortunate enough to see all the insects existing in the world. Of course, my judgment in choosing the ugliest bug in the world is limited to what I’ve seen and the research I’ve conducted.

Samantha Burris
Samantha Burris
Samantha is a writer with an unhealthy fetish for books and a love-hate relationship with insects, bugs, and creepy-crawlies. She enjoys scouting YouTube for vegan videos, and when she’s not chilling with hubby, she’s masterminding the ultimate plan to take over the blogosphere with her wits, creativity, and treasure trove of knowledge. If you’re looking for a conversational and professional scribe, with the ability to compose content across various spectrums, Samantha is your go-to creative.

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