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Aphid Spray with Dish Soap

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please review the disclaimer page for more information.

Aphids are a gardener’s worst nightmare. They are tiny plant lice that could go unnoticed unless you stalk your garden as I do.

As you already know, aphids are difficult to get rid of.

They breed quickly, and as soon as you’ve gotten an infestation under control, another nasty outbreak pursues.

That’s how aphids work, sadly.

The good thing is, there are ways to get rid of aphids. You can simply use a soft, damp cloth to wipe them off your plants, or use an aphid spray.

Can you Use Dish Soap to Kill Aphids?

Can you use dish soap to kill aphids? That’s a resounding yes. Soap breaks down the exterior of aphids, leaving them vulnerable to dehydration.

Dish soap may also kill aphids through a smothering process. More information will be given throughout the article.

How to Make an Aphid Spray with Dish Soap

Making an aphid spray with dish soap is cheap. You’ll only need two ingredients. You may opt to purchase castile soap, which is widely used by gardeners, or use a liquid soap that’s already sitting in your kitchen.

Either option works.

For your aphid spray with dish soap, measure out a tablespoon of liquid soap (about 15ml) and a liter of water. You may choose to use a max of 2 tablespoons of liquid soap (not the typical harsh detergent used to wash clothing).

For best results, add your mixture to a spray container. A container that pushes out water forcefully is a superb option since this can knock aphids off from the leaves.

For more consideration on using dish soap as an aphid spray, please read this article.  It gives a detailed overview on how and when you should use a spray made with soap.

How to Make Aphid Spray at Home

There are different ways to make an aphid spray at home. In addition to using dish soap, another option is neem oil combined with water.

A garlic spray can also be used as a preventative to keep aphids away from your plants. For more information on how to make an aphid spray at home using garlic, consider reading this article.

How do You Use Dawn Dish Soap as an Insecticide?

Dawn dish soap can be used as an insecticide the same way any soap is used. Simply measure out the contents of your dish soap and add sufficient water.

As a consideration, it’s best to use it in the evening or early morning to avoid any untoward reaction that may occur with sun exposure.

Is Castile Soap Good for Aphids?

Yes, castile soap is good for aphids. It’s one of the safest soaps to use when making a concoction for soft-bodied insects. This is because it’s vegetable-based and often made using oils such as olive or coconut.

Castile soap can be easily bought on Amazon. Prices vary. Simply choose the brand you prefer to work with or one that’s within your budget.

Aphid Spray with Dish Soap, Conclusion

You can’t go wrong using this method.

While it’s safe to use, however, be careful of the soap to water ratio. Too much soap could burn the leaves of your plants, especially with sun exposure. Too little soap could affect the effectiveness of the spray.

If you realize that the soap content of your aphid spray is insufficient, try increasing it using teaspoons (5ml). Don’t go crazy with it.

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