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Why Do No See Ums Bite?

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please review the disclaimer page for more information.

No see ums are tiny biting midges of the Ceratopogonidae family. They are nuisances to domesticated and wild animals, and humans alike.

Their bites cause discomfort and severe reactions in some individuals.

If you’ve ever asked the question, “why do no see ums bite?” this article explains in simple terms.

Why Do No See Ums Bite You?

No see ums bite because it’s a requirement for their reproductive cycle. However, only female no see ums feed on blood.

Females make a meal of animals and humans to help their eggs mature. Some females, however, are autogenous and may transfer sufficient nutrients from the larval stage to develop their first batch of eggs.

After the gonotrophic cycle, a blood meal is required if female no see ums are to oviposit another batch of eggs.

If a female no see um is anautogenous, the next batch of eggs requires a blood meal before they can hatch.

Since no see ums only require a blood meal for egg development, what do they typically feed on?

What Do No See Ums Eat When They Are Not Drinking Blood?

When no see ums are not sucking blood, they are searching for a source of carbohydrate. Research suggests that no see ums, although rare, feed on sugars in the field.

Culicoides mississippiensis was also found feeding on fructose from the yaupon holly flower.

Both male and female no see ums feed on nectar and plant sap.

How Do You Stop No See Ums From Biting?

There are many ways to stop no see ums from biting. The method you choose will depend on your situation and where you’re attacked by no see ums.

If you’re typically strolling through no see um territory, applying a suitable no see um repellent may keep them at bay. As no see ums are attracted to dark clothing, wearing light apparel may make you less attractive.

If you’re commonly assaulted by no see ums when indoors, consider reading this article.

For more information on how to prevent no see ums from biting, this article explains things in detail.

What are No See Ums Attracted To?

No see ums are attracted to various things.  While their principal concern is blood, certain factors may make finding their meals (you) more attractive.

No see ums are attracted to

  • Carbon dioxide
  • 1-Octen-3-ol
  • Light

Why Do No See Ums Bite me and Not My Husband?

After doing some research, there was no information available to definitively answer the question of “why do no see ums bite some people and not others?”

However, an article was available on NBC News detailing why some people are more mosquito magnets than others. Using this information, one may surmise that no see ums, like mosquitoes, primarily attack some individuals because of sight and smell.

Most biting insects flock to individuals in dark clothing. These include black, red, navy blue, and others. Once the target is locked on to, how the person smells becomes the next factor. Biting insects can also pick up on the amount of carbon dioxide being exhaled.

Other factors such as skin secretions, biological constitution, lactic acid levels, and blood type may make an individual more attractive.

So, if you’re mainly bitten and not your spouse, they could be factors contributing to the torture you’re dealing with.

Why Do No See Ums Bite, Conclusion

If you’re being bitten by no see ums, the female is the culprit. They bite because they need the blood to help them reproduce. Also, if no see ums feed on you more than others, it is because of your body composition.

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