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8 Bugs That Eat Aphids: Nature’s Pest Control

For anyone looking for natural alternatives to using insecticides, bugs that eat aphids are an absolute gift! This article discusses some of the best little pest control agents in the insect world.

7 Green Iridescent Beetles You Might Spot In The Wild (and Around Your Home)

Beetles are some of the most fascinating animals on the planet. Green iridescent beetles, in particular, have piqued the curiosity of anyone who has chanced upon them outdoors. This article explores some of these amazing insects.

6 Natural No See Um Repellents to Reduce Horrible Bites

On average, natural no see um repellents last for two to three hours. Having to reapply insect spray isn't necessarily at the top of your priority list while you're out having fun in the sun on vacation.

How Long Do No See Ums Live? (Includes Information on Non-Biting Midges)

The answer is not as simple as one may believe. After all, no see ums and non-biting midges belong to very complex fly families, with around 5,600 and 10,000 species, correspondingly.

Tomato Hornworms: A Comprehensive Guide for Gardeners and Curious Minds

Tomato hornworms appear menacing, even dangerous. That was my first impression, until my husband, using his bare fingers, snagged one from a tomato plant,...

Homemade Natural No See Um Repellent DIYS With Essential Oils

­­No see ums are brutes. These inconspicuous biting midges exist in over 4000 species. Conventional repellents have proven successful for some individuals but have left...

Florida No See Ums: How to Navigate the Woes of No See Ums in Florida

Floridians know what’s biting. After all, they spend their waking and sleeping hours in the sunny state. Tourists or those simply passing through, might...

Why Do No See Ums Bite?

No see ums are tiny biting midges of the Ceratopogonidae family. They are nuisances to domesticated and wild animals, and humans alike. Their bites cause...

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